The KMS Marketing TEAM is a group of professionals who contribute to the success of our clients.  While they are active in other companies, they work with our clients on assignment. 


NICOLE SCHOEN, Client Services Manager


An automotive industry expert, Nicki is well-known in SEMA circles as the Ford Truck lady.  Working with the Ford Truck Image Team for a number of years, Nicki helped establish the presence of Ford Motor Company’s unique placement of Ford vehicles throughout the SEMA Show.  When you work with Nicki, you have someone everyone in the industry knows!

Nicki is a past member of the SEMA PRO Council.  She’s also a current member of the Board of Directors of the Canton (MI) Township Partnership for the Arts and Humanities.

Nicki also devotes time to assisting various veterans groups.





Brian Torres – Advisor, Business Development

Brian has spent much of his career in the automotive accessory industry.  Well known throughout that industry, he has piloted companies to phenomenal sales success.  Brian possesses a “quick learn” attitude, and can immediately assess the viability of a product and understand what market to place it in.  When Brian works on project with a client, they can expect an honest appraisal of their products and company along with good, solid advice to make their business better.


MARNIE KRAMER, Client Services

Marnie Kramer
Marnie Kramer

Marnie likewise is an expert in the auto accessory industry.  Phenomenally creative, Marnie is a person who truly “thinks outside the box”.  During her tenure on the SEMA PRO Council Select Committee, Marnie was involved in some of the most forward-thinking initiatives started by PRO.  When you want to develop a vision for the future of your company, Marnie is the person to know!




ANDREW KUDASIK, Client Marketing Manager

Andy Kudasik
Andrew Kudasik

Andy recently received his BA in Business Administration and has started a career with PNC Bank.  A member of the Navy Reserve, he has a great sense of work ethic, discipline and order.  Another person who thinks oustide the box, Andy is not afraid to ask “What If?” and look for creative solutions.  Andy’s specialty is social media marketing, as well as Facebook ads and Google Adwords.  He’ll put his expertise to work to plan out your social media presence, keep your brand prominent, and help you locate prospects and markets.



TOM SHAY, Profits Plus Solutions – Advisor

tom shay
Tom Shay, CSP

Tom has been a business mentor of mine for decades.  His practical wisdom, his ability to cut through the baloney and solve problems makes him my “go to guy”.  In 2013, I was privileged to be invited by Tom to begin presenting his stellar programs nationally.  His website is




STEVE SCHIFFMAN, Certified Management Consultant – Advisor

Steve Schiffman, CMC
Steve Schiffman, CMC

Steve is a world leader in motivational and sales training.  Since 1979, he has trained well over 500,000 sales professionals from over 9,000 companies in all types of industries.  His clients have included notables such as IBM, AT&T, Motorala, Sprint, CIGNA, and more.  Millions have read his more than 50 books.  His recommendations and programs are based on actual sales experience, not theory, he has been rated the #1 sales expert in prospecting by Personal Selling Power magazine.

Steve serves as a consultant and advisor to KMS Marketing Solutions when a client has specific needs for pin-pointed sales training, or complex business consultation.



Karl M. Stearns

What can I say?  I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who are smarter than me, liked by everyone who knows them, and work hard to get a job done.  When you work with us, you get a team of people who understand business and how to make it work!