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person giving an effective speech to a crowd

Public Speaking 101: Tips for Giving an Effective Speech

Public speaking isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite pastime. Whether you have stage fright, experience trouble crafting speeches, or simply prefer one-on-one ...

hand turning a dial with disaster recovery plan printed on it

MANAGEMENT – Disaster/Succession Planning

These are often discussed as separate topics, but I really believe disaster planning and succession are very much intertwined. Business ...

italy office business meeting held indoors at a madium wood table, negotiation techniques in business

Mastermind Sales: Negotiation Techniques – Plan Your Strategy

One of the most difficult things for most people to do is negotiate. It’s not something we’re born knowing how ...

illustration of several phones reading a qr code


Photo Credit: Have you noticed these little guys are showing up in lots of places? It’s no wonder. Although ...

the importance of business location by kms marketing solutions

Marketing/Discoverability/Location, Location, Location

Business location is critical in having a successful endeavor. For retailers, putting your business in the wrong place can cause ...

marketing your business with kms marketing solutions

Marketing Basics – Discoverability

The first rule of marketing is discoverability. It comes down to this: If they don’t know about your products, services, ...

email marketing with help from kms marketing solutions

Why Use An Email Marketing Service (Such As Constant Contact)?

I hear it all the time.  “I just keep a list of email addresses, and do a blast-send from Outlook.”  ...

Karl Sterns speaking at SEMA, marketing solutions by KMS Marketing Solutions

SEMA 2015 Seminars

So, I’m really humbled with this. When SEMA approved my proposals to speak at SEMA 2015, I was excited and ...

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