Small Business Marketing — Will They Still Love You Tomorrow?

Business Success Doesn’t Happen By Chance

You spend a lot of money and effort to bring them through the door.  How do you keep the love going?  What can you do to create “the buzz”  around you that will keep them connected to you, and bring referrals and recommendations your way?  With electronic media, and our increasingly “connected” world, the traditional methods are changing rapidly.  Find out how to “flip the funnel” and grow your business.

This is a four-part seminar/workshop series.  Each part builds from the one previous to enable participants to learn a simple process for marketing their business that is effective, measurable, and easy to do.


Seminar #1:              THE POWER OF EMAIL MARKETING


Why Your Email Doesn’t Get Read.


This seminar explores the process of email marketing by addressing all of the how’s and why’s.  Ensuring delivery and reading of your email is critical to your marketing efforts, but it’s not just a matter of sending out blast emails.  There are certain key elements to successful email marketing that you MUST follow.  From timing, to subject lines, to content, to “calls to action”.  Learn what they are in this seminar, and begin putting this powerful, cost-effective, high return-on-investment tool to work in your business or organization.



Seminar #2:              SOCIAL MEDIA MADE SIMPLE


It’s not about stupid cat videos.  Really.


Social media has transformed the landscape of communication.  This is true for both social contact and business contact.  Huge corporations use social media as part of their media mix, but you have something way more powerful than huge corporations.  Find out what it is in this seminar.


We’ll explore proper usage of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram—to name a few.  How can you get your message out to your audience?  How can you get them to “share” and “like” you?  Is there a strategy to using social media?  Did you know there is something you can do that will make your social media work 180% better for you?  Follow this one simple tip you’ll learn and you’ll see results!


This two-hour seminar will teach you the framework for positioning your company or organization in social media so you can start generating “the buzz” about what you do.





Put it all together with a PLAN.


There are various opinions about who said it, but the truth remains:  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Trying to market your business without a plan is like trying to swim in a pond full of alligators.  You never know what’s going to bite you.


In this two hour workshop we review the highlights of the previous two seminars, then talk about how to have a marketing strategy, then how to develop a simple marketing plan for your first campaign.  Once you step through the process, you’ll follow the same steps every time you put your marketing together.


This workshop includes a simple, 4-page workbook that will form the basis for your strategic plan and your marketing plan.  We’ll even supply you with a pdf of the workbook so you can keep using it in the future for your campaign planning.



Seminar #4:              GET YOUR HANDS ON IT!


Put together your email newsletter, and optimize your Facebook Company Page


This is a true hands-on 2-hour training session.  Depending on our location, we will either have a computer lab or you can bring your own laptop.  We’ll step through the basics of utilizing an email template:  How to set up all the preferences, how to add text and graphics, and how to send it out.


With Facebook, it’s important to know how to set up your company page so you can begin collecting data from it.  Why do some posts receive more attention that others?  How can you add a “Join My Email List” button to your page?  How can you use Constant Contact’s Social Media function to get more contacts for your email list?


A prerequisite for this final workshop is a Constant Contact account, and a Facebook account.